Establishment of the Judicial Media Council of Macedonia as a Tool for Enhancing Judicial Transparency and Review of the Formalization of Cooperation between Judges and Journalists

Andrej Bozhinovski



On the 21st of September 2018 in hotel Aleksandar Palace in Skopje, under heavy media coverage Justice Djemali Saiti PhD unveiled to the public the newly established institution - The Judicial Media Council of Macedonia. The Council is an unique institution within the Macedonian Judges Association which brings together judges (presidents of courts) and journalists to discuss about issues of mutual importance and further strengthen judicial transparency and access to information on cases by the media. Furthermore the Council represents a platform for discussion and decision making of issues of mutual interest between judges and journalists, which until recently were only an abstract notion as the courts did not disclosed any information to the public, nor journalists were allowed to follow full trial processes as representatives of the public.

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Judicial Transparency; Media; Council; Court; Macedonia

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